12v Battery Harness

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The Battery Harness is used to power your heated gear. It connects to any 12V battery for use on motorcycles, ATV’s, snow mobiles, etc. The battery harness has an inline fuse holder on the positive (red) lead, with a 15 & 20 amp fuse included. With a 38” length, there’s ample enough wire for an easy install.

*38” length

*15 amp & 20 amp fuse included

*Max capacity 20 amps


To calculate your true amp draw divide the amp draw on all items you are going to hook up by 12 them multiply by your motorcycle volt output.


Gloves pull 2.4 amps

Socks pull 2.2 amps

Jacket pulls 6.4 amps

Pants pull 4.6 amps


Connect the red lead to the positive terminal on your battery and the black lead to the negative. Zip tie the coax plug, leaving about 6” of slack, under your seat on the left side.