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Heated Jacket Liner

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Our Heated Jacket Liners are designed to be easily worn under outer garments with only a single thin base layer. Our unique heating system allows you to wear your favorite outerwear while still providing the comfort of heat. 

Heated liners begin warming your body within seconds using any 12V DC power source by connecting directly to the battery or the 12V accessory outlet. Our advanced heating technology allows you to maintain a constant level of thermal comfort at high speeds or altitude.


• Wind resistant, water repellent ripstop nylon

• Very lightweight and highly compressible garment

• Sized to fit snug to your body under an outer jacket

• Pockets on the sleeves to store glove plugs when not in use

• Plugs in the sleeves and accessory plug to connect heated gloves and pants

• Heating elements located on the chest, back, collar and sleeves

• Power:  77W @ 12V or 6.4A total  •  Max Heat 135° F


Package Also Includes:

• 15A and 20A fuses

REQUIRED To complete the setup (Sold Separately)

    WARNING: All heated clothing must be operated using the specified temperature controller. Failure to do so will result in unregulated, high temperature output that could cause skin burns. Do not leave heated clothing plugged in while unattended.

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