2002 Suzuki DR650

The 2002 Suzuki DR650 is an exceptional motorcycle, blending reliability with a comprehensive suite of upgrades designed to enhance performance and longevity. Here's a breakdown of why this bike is worth your investment:

- **Fresh Oil, New Spark Plugs, New Brake Pads:** Ensures the bike is running smoothly and safely right from the start.
- **New Michelin Anakee Wild Tires:** Less than 100 miles on them, offering excellent traction for both on-road and off-road adventures.
- **Fresh Carb Rebuild and Jetting:** Optimizes fuel efficiency and performance.
- **New Free Flow Foam Air Filter:** Enhances airflow for better engine performance.
- **New Premium Polyurethane Cush Drive Dampers:** Improves rear wheel traction and longevity.
- **New Chain and Sprockets (14T front, 42T rear):** Provides a balance of torque and speed, ensuring smooth power delivery.
- **New Moose Racing Wheel Bearings Front and Rear:** Guarantees smooth and reliable wheel rotation.
- **Rebuilt Forks (Cogent Dynamics Springs and Drop in Damper Cartridge):** Enhances handling and ride comfort.
- **Warp 9 Racing Ball Bearing Starter Cap:** Upgrades the starter bushing, a known weak point in stock models, increasing reliability.
- **LeoVince x3 Slip-on Exhaust and ProCycle SS Pro-Flow Head Pipe:** Improves exhaust flow and engine performance, delivering a noticeable power boost.
- **Metal Throttle Tube:** Provides durability and precise throttle control.
- **Cogent Dynamics Fork Kit with Upgraded 0.63 Springs and DDC:** Significantly improves front suspension for better handling on rough terrain.
- **Cogent Dynamics Fully Adjustable Rear Shock Shaft Assembly with RaceTech Performance 8.6 Shock Spring:** Offers superior rear suspension performance, customizable to your riding style and conditions.
- **Renthal Bars:** High-quality handlebars for better control and comfort.
- **DRZ Tail Light:** Modern, efficient lighting for improved visibility.
- **Aluminum Skid Plate:** Protects the engine and frame from damage during off-road excursions.
- **Extended Range Fuel Tank:** Allows for longer rides without frequent refueling stops.
- **Upgraded Metal Head Gasket:** Early DR650s had a paper head gasket prone to failure; this bike's head gasket has been upgraded to the reliable metal type, ensuring long-term engine integrity.

This 2002 Suzuki DR650 isn't just a bike—it's a thoroughly enhanced machine ready for any adventure. With meticulous maintenance and substantial upgrades, it offers reliability, superior performance, and exceptional value. Whether you're tackling rugged trails or enjoying long-distance rides, this DR650 is equipped to handle it all with confidence.

Milage: 15,065

$3799 (Plus taxes, and $149 Documentation fee)