Risk Racing Flexit Headlamp Pro

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The Flexfit Headlamp Pro 6.5 combines comfort & ergonomics with performance & usability. The low profile design features side mounted C.O.B. flood LEDs that deliver 240° halo lighting. This illuminates the user's peripheral vision in all directions, while the adjustable center perch house a CREE spotlight projecting 350 lumens far into the darkness. This LED layout eliminates the tunnel vision created by a single spot light headlamp.


  • 650 True Lumens
  • Center CRED LED spotlight
  • Side C.O.B. LEDs flood/area lighting
  • Independently controlled lighting
  • Rear red hazard lighting
  • Red night vision area lighting
  • 360°emergency red light with spotlight
  • Micro-USB rechargeable
  • High capacity 3350mAh 18650 Li-ion battery included
  • Prevent accidental activation with kill switch
  • Comfort fit foam
  • Weather resistant
  • Lightweight at only 5.8oz (164g) battery included