Schampa Skull Cap

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  • Works with or without a helmet
  • Moisture Management CoolSkin material
  • No Center Seam down your forehead

SCHAMPA’s CoolSkin SkullCap is the thinnest year round Skull Cap we make. It is made with SCHAMPA’s Moisture Management CoolSkin material. It is important to keep your head and your helmet liner separated. If you are not frequently cleaning the liner of your helmet a skullcap is a good option. Helmets are dark, damp spaces, and after a long ride they are full of sweat and natural oils from your scalp. Put your helmet away at night, back in it’s bag, in a closet and your helmet becomes a pitre dish for bacteria and mold. Think of SkullCaps like Socks for your Head.

Skullcaps are an important piece of clothing no matter what the weather. In the summer they absorb sweat, and move moisture away from the head. In the winter they serve as insulation.