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With its narrow cut front it does not cause handlebar interference. Despite the narrow form in the front, the expandable City EVO tank bag offers a volume of 11 to 15 liters. Compatible with the SW-MOTECH EVO QUICK-LOCK tank rings, see the app chart below to determine which mounting system is appropriate for your bike.

The SW-MOTECH QUICK-LOCK tank bag system enables the luggage to be mounted or removed easily without the use of straps or magnets that may damage your motorcycle's finish. The system includes the tank bag, upper tank ring and a separately available tank ring that is designed to be installed onto the motorcycle. Once the system is assembled, the tank bag can be snapped securely into place or removed by pulling a release lanyard at the front of the unit.

    Requires either:

    SW MOTECH Type 126 EVO Tank Bag QUICK-LOCK Bottom Ring (Without Keyless Ride)


    SW MOTECH Type 160 EVO Tank Bag QUICK-LOCK Bottom Ring for bikes equipped with the Keyless Ride option