Nelson Rigg Trails End Fuel Bottle Holder

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Get ready to fuel your outdoor adventures with confidence using the Nelson Rigg Trails End Fuel Bottle Holder! Engineered with durability and convenience in mind, this essential accessory is designed to enhance your journey and keep your fuel supply secure.

Crafted from high-quality UltraMax® fabric, this fuel bottle holder offers superior UV protection, ensuring your fuel stays in optimal condition even under the sun's intense rays. The rolltop closure adds an extra layer of security, keeping your bottle firmly in place as you conquer rugged terrains.

Thanks to its innovative design, the Trails End Fuel Bottle Holder seamlessly integrates with MOLLE systems found on Trails End tail bags. The integrated straps allow for easy attachment, expanding your storage options and enabling you to keep all your essentials within reach.

Equipped with four webbing straps and buckles, this holder can be securely mounted to most racks, offering versatility and stability on your adventures. It accommodates up to 30 oz bottles, providing ample fuel capacity for your extended trips.

Measuring 12" in height when rolled with a 30-ounce bottle and featuring a 3.75" diameter, this fuel bottle holder offers a snug and secure fit. Whether you're embarking on an off-road expedition or exploring remote trails, you can rely on this holder to keep your fuel readily accessible and protected.

Fuel your outdoor passion with the Nelson Rigg Trails End Fuel Bottle Holder. With its UltraMax® fabric construction, rolltop closure, and compatibility with MOLLE systems, this essential accessory ensures you're prepared for every adventure. Stay confident, stay fueled, and embrace the excitement of the great outdoors!


  • UltraMax® fabric for UV protection
  • Rolltop closure ensures bottle stays secure
  • Integrated straps weave into MOLLE systems as found on Trails End tail bags
  • Four webbing straps and buckles can mount to most racks
  • Able to hold up to 30 oz bottles
  • 12”H rolled with 30 ounce bottle 3.75” diameter

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