About Vamoose Gear

Vamoose - verb - To leave hurriedly or quickly; decamp.

Welcome to Vamoose Gear! 

Our goal in starting this company is to provide dual-sport and adventure motorcycle riders with innovative, well-made ADV accessories.  In working toward that goal, we realized adventurers in every category needed those same products!  The first product that we designed start to finish was our line of waterproof gear bags.  The Escalante Collection was born.  These bags were not only designed to protect gear from the elements, but to offer the owner more reflective material than any other dry bag on the market!  The key to safety in motorcycle riding is BEING SEEN and this applies to many other types of outdoor adventuring as well.


Vamoose Gear went live in the summer of 2018.  We are methodically adding products to our website that are intended to make each adventure better than the one before it.  Some of the products we have designed ourselves and others are products that we are passionate about sharing.  One thing is for certain – we personally use every product we sell. 


We are family owned and family operated.  If you enjoy our website, share it with your friends and family.  Like us on Facebook – follow us on Snapchat & Instagram.  The more the merrier in this “extended family” of outdoor adventurers!!!


Thanks for visiting Vamoose Gear!


Linda & Jeff Kleist