About Vamoose Gear

Vamoose  - vaˈmo͞os

Verb - depart hurriedly.  "we'd better vamoose before we're caught"
Origin mid 19th century: from Spanish vamos ‘let us go’.


Welcome to Vamoose Gear! 

Vamoose Gear is a family owned and operated company started by Jeff and Linda Kleist in 2018 as a labor of love! It is a love of motorcycles, exploring, finding new and quality accessories to support the adventures of all powersport enthusiasts as well as hanging out with others who share our passion!

A little about us...

Vamoose Gear Owners

Jeff has been riding since he was 11 years old, starting out on a 3 horsepower Briggs & Stratton powered mini bike that his brother made in high school metal shop. He has raced motocross, flat track and TT in his teens, courted Linda on a Harley Sportster and then while our boys were growing up, switched back to dirt bikes. His ride of choice now is a BMW 1200 GS, which he has taken on some excellent adventures including the Colorado, Idaho and Washington Backcountry Discovery routes.

Linda has been riding 2-up with Jeff for over 30 years! Logging more than 15,000 miles on the back of a Harley Sportster in the 80's. Now she is the trip photographer from the back of the GS. While her boys were growing up, she rode sweep on a Polaris 500 ATV to keep track of them riding their dirt bikes. Currently, Linda is riding an XR 150L. She has had some amazing adventures, working with a coach, and finding other women to ride with!


Daniel has been riding motorcycles since he was 10 years old starting on a 90s Honda Z50 he bought with his younger brother Ryan. From the day the bike was unloaded Daniel fell in love with the whole industry, and during his high school years did a concurrent enrollment with a vocational high school to learn the intricacies of small motors. Fast forward to the present date, Daniel is the shop manager at Vamoose Gear. Daniel has two little kids of his own and has got them hooked on the industry at a very young age. His oldest (7 years old) rides an XR 50, while his youngest (3 years old) is learning how to ride two wheels on his Stacyc. Daniel chases them down on the trails on one of his many pit-bikes or loads the family in the SXS for some rock crawling escapades.

Ryan has been riding motorcycles since he was 7 years old. Ryan went a different route while growing up. After outgrowing his XR 70 he took to ATV’s for trail riding. Ryan also attended a vocational school while in high school that taught him necessary skills for starting a business in the outdoor recreation realm. After college Ryan fell in love with overlanding and riding dual sport bikes. He currently has an XR 650L and a KLR 650 that he takes with on all his adventures on his overlanding rig. With his passion for travel, the outdoors, and warmer tropical weather, Ryan made it a point to be able to work remotely during the cold months. He now operates our online website/store and handles all of our social media presence/marketing. During the summer Ryan is at the parts counter telling tails from his adventures and sharing his first hand experience of the gear he uses.


Together this family makes up the dream team in the power sports realm. Bringing in decades of skills and knowledge, coupled with real world experience using all the gear we sell and actively adventuring every second we can. We live in Southwestern Colorado at the base of the San Juan Mountains. If you are ever out this way, stop by the store. We are always exploring this area and love to share our discoveries!

Thank you for taking this journey with us!


Jeff, Linda, Daniel, and Ryan