MirrorLok Design

Very often, stock motorcycle mirrors don’t offer a perfect view, vibrate at high speeds creating a blur, and are too far in so your view is partially blocked by your own shoulder.

The patent-pending MirrorLok is a multi-functional accessory which solves all of these problems: with the MirrorLok installed, your mirrors are repositioned, increasing the field of vision and giving you a better rear-view perspective as well as minimizing the vibration of the mirror.

But that’s not all: we love ergonomic, multi-purpose designs, so the MirrorLok also doubles as a helmet lock!  An easy push-button lock will keep your helmet in place, protected from falling off or being stolen while you’re enjoying a walk or a coffee off your motorcycle. Worried about your gear?  We’ve got that covered, too: using an additional cable, you can easily secure your riding jacket to the lock at the same time.

How does it work? MirrorLok is made from machined aluminum, making it sturdy and reliable but keeping it elegant with a black powder coat finish.  MirrorLok is oval-shaped with smooth, rounded edges and measures 1″X3″X1″ weighing 3 ounces.

The Mirror Extension Function: easily installed on your handlebars with the hardware provided, MirrorLok extends your mirrors outward creating a better field of vision.

The Mirror Vibration Canceling Function: From road conditions to tires to engine size, everyone’s ride is different.  MirrorLok is engineered to absorb and change those vibrations, resulting in a steady view.  The MirrorLok design isolates the mirror from the bike, creating space needed to address the blurred reflection.  Vibrations are absorbed and softened through a series of cushioning polyurethane O-rings.  The rider’s mirror view is dramatically improved, even when road conditions are not.