12v Pocket Battery Tester

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  • Use with probes to test a battery in a vehicle, or remove the black (negative) cable from the fixed location for on-battery terminal testing at a counter or bench
  • Easy-to-read rainbow meter indicates percentage of battery charge and good/bad alternator voltage range
  • The perfect size 12V battery tester for a technician's pocket or tankbag, saddlebag or glove box


Tester Type MB-VM Battery Tester and system voltage tester
Voltage 12V
Operating Range Battery Voltage: 25% - 9.8-12V, 50% 12.0V-12.4V, 75% 12.4V-12.6V, 100% 12.6V-13.8V
Charging Voltage Good, 13.8V to 14.7V, Bad, 14.7V - up
Dimensions L-4.25 (108mm), W- 1.4" (36mm), H-.5" (13mm)