Enduristan Handlebar Bag - Small

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The Most Important Things on the Handlebars

Sometimes when riding a motorbike, especially an Enduro, you really only want to have the bare essentials with you - but you want to have them within easy reach at all times. A tank bag is sometimes too big or simply doesn't fit on the bike. But where to put your smartphone, house keys, wallet, etc.? That's where the Handlebar Bag comes in. With its innovative fastening clamp, it fits almost every handlebar (22, 28, and 32 mm diameter) that does not have a bridge type handle bar clamp. Firmly fixed to the handlebars the handlebar bag is secure against theft and ensures a secure fit for heavy off-road use.

A smartphone (up to a size of 15 x 7 x 0.7 cm for the Handlebar bag Small) can be slid into the bag from the inside of the lid and can be used as a navigation device while riding. For larger phones, you’ll need our Handlebar Bag - Large (will come in mid-2022).

Of course as with all our products the Handlebar Bag is waterproof keeping your things 100% protected from rain, dust, and sand.


  • Water, mud, snow and dustproof
  • Red inner liner for high visibility
  • Mesh pockets under cover with Velcro lock
  • 2 elastic pen holder
  • Smart phone pocket


Volume  0.9 liter
Height 6 cm
Handlebar diameter 22 / 28 / 32 mm
Width 10 cm
Weight 0.28 kg
Length 16 cm
Width of the bracket 5.5 cm