Garmin Zumo XT2

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Prepare to embark on an unparalleled adventure with the Garmin Zumo XT2, the ultimate motorcycle navigator designed to redefine your riding experience. Whether you're an off-road enthusiast or a long-distance road warrior, the Zumo XT2 is your trusted partner, offering cutting-edge navigation, connectivity, and durability that's second to none. The Garmin Zumo XT2 isn't just a motorcycle GPS—it's your gateway to unparalleled adventure. Crafted to empower riders with the tools they need to venture confidently, it's the ultimate addition to your gear for every road, trail, and journey. Ignite your passion for exploration and make every ride a remarkable adventure with the Garmin Zumo XT2.


1. Rugged and Adventure-Ready: Crafted to conquer the toughest challenges, the Zumo XT2 features a robust 6-inch glove-friendly touchscreen display built to withstand extreme conditions. This navigator is resistant to fuel vapors, UV rays, and harsh terrains, making it the ideal choice for riders seeking adventure beyond the beaten path.

2. Dual-Purpose Navigator: The Zumo XT2 is a versatile navigator, equally proficient on both road and off-road journeys. Preloaded with topographic maps, it guides you through challenging terrains with ease. On-road navigation is equally impressive, offering turn-by-turn directions to keep you on course during your road trips.

3. Adventurous Routing: Fuel your sense of exploration with the "Adventurous Routing" feature. Customize your preferences, whether it's winding roads, scenic routes, or unpaved trails, and let the Zumo XT2 craft thrilling routes tailored to your tastes. Venture into the unknown and discover hidden gems along the way.

4. Seamless Smartphone Integration: Stay connected on your ride by pairing your smartphone via Bluetooth®. Receive important notifications, make and answer calls, and enjoy your favorite music streaming directly to your headset. The Zumo XT2 keeps you informed and entertained while ensuring you remain focused on the road.

5. Rider Safety Alerts: Prioritize safety with the Zumo XT2's built-in safety features. Receive alerts for sharp curves, speed limits, wildlife crossings, and more. It's your dedicated co-pilot, keeping you aware of potential hazards on your route.

6. Ride Logging: Capture and relive your adventures with the Zumo XT2's ride logging functionality. Create digital records of your journeys, share your experiences, and reminisce about your favorite rides with friends and fellow riders.

7. Extended Battery Life: Designed for long-haul adventures, the Zumo XT2 features a robust battery that ensures you stay connected and informed throughout your journey. No need to worry about power interruptions.

8. Discover Hidden Treasures: Explore the world with ease using the Zumo XT2's extensive points of interest database, including restaurants, fuel stations, scenic viewpoints, and campgrounds—all handpicked with riders in mind. The world is your playground, waiting to be explored.

9. In-Reach Compatibility: For the most daring riders, the Zumo XT2 is compatible with Garmin's inReach® technology. Enjoy two-way communication, SOS emergency alerts, and access to weather updates, even in remote areas.


Physical & Performance

Display Size 5.3"W x 3.0" H (13.3 x 7.5 cm); 6" diag (15.3cm)
Battery type rechargeable lithium-ion
Display resolution 1280 x 720 pixels
Dimension 6.15"W x 3.5"H x 1"D (15.6 x 8.9 x 2.5 cm)

12 ounces (340 g)

Display Type multi-touch, glass, high brightness HD color TFT with white backlight
Battery life

up to 7 hours (up to 5 hours at 100% backlight)

Waterproof IPX7

Maps & Navigation

Navigate-a-track navigation Yes
Preloaded street maps Yes
External memory storage yes (256 GB max microSD™ card)
Ability to add maps Yes


Ultimate Public Campgrounds Yes
Visual route planner Yes
Wi-Fi® map and software updates Yes
Automatically identifies areas of biggest time gain No
Parking Guard (alerts you to vehicle impacts) No
Round trip routing Yes
Speed limit changes No
Speed limit indicator (displays speed limit for most major roads in the U.S. and Europe) Yes
Max number of controllers* for pairing with a PowerSwitch device
*Controller is defined by a user’s smartphone, mobile device or compatible Garmin navigator (sold separately)
Magnetic Mount No
Access to live services via app (traffic, weather, etc.) Yes
Vault compatible (secure online video storage) No
Interior and exterior recording No
Rider alert warnings for sharp curves, state helmet laws, speed cameras and more Yes
Preloaded private land parcel maps No
Service History Log No
Garmin Connect™ compatible No
Current weather plus 5 day forecast via Wi-Fi No
Simple truck profile No
Trendy Places™ best stops along route No
LiveTrack via app No
RV Parks & Services directory No
Group Ride Mobile Yes
True Optimal Lap™ with video No
Voice-activated navigation (operate device with spoken commands) No
Built-in inReach® Technology (requires active subscription; subject to regulations or prohibitions in some jurisdictions) No
Headphone jack/audio line-out No
Control music and media from smartphone or MP3 player Yes
Michelin® The Green Guide No
Number of switch outputs No
Route shaping through preferred cities/streets Yes
Stream media and Alexa responses through vehicle stereo No
Trucking points of interest No
Requires cellular data connection No
Driving performance scores No
True Track Positioning™ (your racing line) No
Wireless ANT+® technology Yes
Segment analysis (racing line, speed and acceleration/deceleration) No
Roadtrip Routes™ adventurous routes No
Pair with compatible inReach® devices Yes
Smart notifications via app Yes
Truck & Trailer Services directory No
Dust rating No
Mile marker info - Trucking No
Includes map updates Yes
Barometric altimeter No
Dual-orientation display Yes
Planned & dynamic fuel stops Yes
Includes traffic yes (with Garmin Tread app)
Handlebar mount (up to 1") Yes
Fist mic compatibility No
Compatible with external inReach® satellite antenna No
Pitch and Roll gauges No
Sunrise/sunset times - RV No
BLUETOOTH® connectivity No
Mile marker info - RV No
Max number of PowerSwitch devices for pairing with a controller*
*Controller is defined by a user’s smartphone, mobile device or compatible Garmin navigator (sold separately)
State & country border notices - Trucking No
Motorcycle or powersports specific points of interest for cycle repair services, dealers and more No
Radio Frequency Band compatible with Group Ride Radio
Compatible with the Garmin Tread app for route planning and data management (waypoints, tracks, and routes) Yes
State border notices - RV No
PrePass weigh station notifications and bypass decisions No
Helmet law notifications Yes
2 microphones; beam-forming technology No
Drop rating MIL-STD-810
Load-to-dock guidance No
Track support Yes
Turn-by-turn trail navigation No
Radio transmitted canned messages compatible with Group Ride Radio
Birdseye Satellite Imagery (download via Wi-Fi) Yes
Internal storage 32 GB
HOS violation warnings No
1" ball adapter with AMPS plate No
Data cards microSD™ card (not included)
Built-in Alexa No
Screw-down mount No
Garmin Real Directions™ landmark guidance Yes
Lane assist with junction view (displays junction signs) Yes
Backup camera compatible yes (BC™ 50)
iOverlander™ points of interest No
Clarity ™ HDR No
Max amps per switch output No
Popular paths (Moto) Yes
Sunlight readable and weather resistant Yes
Group Ride voice communications compatible with Group Ride Radio
Includes automotive mount No
Supports multiple users No
IFTA fuel logging capability No
Local Spots™ nearby recommendations No
Stores history of all on-track performance No
Incident messaging No
Group Ride update rate No
Preloaded topographical maps Yes
Number of hardwire inputs No
Track recorder (breadcrumbs) Yes
Preloaded USFS Roads and Trails, including motor-vehicle-use-maps for motorcycle, ATV, SXS and full-size 4x4 No
Live view from anywhere (Vault LTE subscription required, LTE coverage-dependent) No
VIRB® control No
Downloadable Satellite Imagery yes (BirdsEye)
Preloaded global track database No
TripAdvisor® Traveler Ratings Yes
Group Ride tracking compatible with Group Ride Radio
Built-in Spotify® & Pandora® music players No
Removable battery No
Audio line-out/headphone jack No
Live View (Wi-Fi® connection required) No
Garmin Adventurous Routing™ Yes
Glove-friendly touchscreen Yes
High Definition 3D terrain No
Dog tracking No
Powered magnetic mount No
BirdsEye Direct Satellite Imagery Yes
Session comparisons No
BLUETOOTH® pairing yes (works with BLUETOOTH-compatible helmet, headset or smartphone. BLE capable.)
Elevation profile Yes
Custom map support Yes
Sunrise/sunset times - Trucking No
3D Terrain Yes
Compatible with Group Ride Radio yes (6", 8" and 10")
TOPO map support Yes
Point-to-point navigation Yes
1.5" ball adapter with AMPS plate No
Millions of Foursquare® points of interest No
Tube mount (1.5" - 2.375") No
Built-in accelerometers No
Interior night vision No
GPS speed and location info in video No
Built-in dash camera with automatic incident detection No
Unidentified driver alert No
Driver alerts for sharp curves, school zones, red light and speed camera warnings and more Yes
Preloaded US public land boundaries No
Compatible with external GPS antenna with mount No
Camera-assisted features for forward collision warnings, lane departure warnings and "Go" alert. No
Real-time audio cues/audio coaching No
Displays best lap time, adaptive delta time, number of laps and total session time No
Supports multiple cars No
Downloadable USGS Quad Sheets No
Max amps total No
10 Hz multi-GNSS positioning Yes
Pair with Garmin PowerSwitch™ digital switch box Yes
Easy Route Planner with GPX file sharing No
Compass No
Compatible with Garmin Explore™ app No
Galileo Yes
Truck-specific speed limits No
Incident Detection (G-Sensor) No
Exterior night vision No
Popular truck route data No
3-D buildings and terrain No