GearLok Lock and Cable

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If you’ve ridden for any amount of time, you’ve probably experienced this familiar scenario.  You’re out on a ride and it’s 93°F.  You stop for lunch or to sight see and you just don’t feel like lugging your heavy riding jacket and helmet around. If your bike doesn’t have locking hard bags, what do you do?  One approach is to simply drape your jacket over the bike and hang your helmet on the mirror…but that hardly seems wise, leaving it sitting on your bike is an invitation for someone to steal it. 

The GearLok Lock with Cable utilizes a 4.9 ft  long braided galvanized steel plastic coated cable to lock your helmet, jacket, backpack or any other accessory to your bike.

Simply pass the loop end of the cable through a convenient part of your bike like the frame, handlebar or grab rail.  Thread the other end through the loop and then through the object/s you want to secure. Next, insert the end of the cable into the lock slot and slide the lock up or down the cable to adjust the length.  Press the Snap Button till you hear a “Click” and scramble the four (4) digit  security dial…done!  

Your items are now secured to your bike and you have two free hands! 

When you return to your bike, set your personal four (4) digit combination code, press the Release Button, pull the cable free, roll up the cable and lock and slip it into the carry bag and into your jacket pocket.