TwinPegs Ergonomic Foot Pegs

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TwinPegs is a revolutionary new ergonomic concept for controlling off-road motorcycles while standing.

The TwinPegs idea is quite simply to add an additional foot peg behind the original foot peg, placed so close to the original foot peg that the riders boot will cover both. It does not affect the operation of the gear/rear brake levers, and the additional foot peg has the same fold-away safety functionality as the original one.

The additional foot peg gives the rider firm heel support, which enables the rider to use the leg muscles to stabilize the body, rather than relying fully on support from the upper body. Thus reducing “arm pump” and general fatigue. The pivoting of the boot around the original single foot peg, is moved to the ankle joint.

Designed and manufactured in Norway for the 2013-2019 BMW LC R1200/1250 GS with additional makes and models in development.

They come with a 5-year replacement warranty!

The TwinPegs kits are “bolt-on” and utilize the existing installed rider foot pegs including aftermarket large pegs!

No modifications of the motorcycle is necessary. 

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