ZippyLok from Rocky Creek Design

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ZIPPYLOK is a fully adjustable ratcheting lock system, with a 3 digit, programmable locking mechanism, designed to lock “things” to your bike.  

It’s basically a lockable zip tie with an adjustable locking circumference of 450mm.  Weighing just 85g, the ZIPPYLOK is super portable and light, easily fitting into a jacket pocket or tank bag.  

To lock your helmet to your bike, slip the strap through the chin piece of your helmet and around a solid part of your bike.  Slide the end of the strap into the lock, cinch it up, scramble the dial and that’s it.  Use the ZIPPYLOK to lock your luggage or jacket to your bike as well!  A very handy piece of kit!

The steel core strap is encased in an anti-scratch plastic sheath to protect your bike and the locking mechanism is made from weather resistant zinc alloy.

ZippyLok Demo & How to Set Combination